T-Shirt Dress | Black – The Foxes Den
  • T-Shirt Dress | Black
  • T-Shirt Dress | Black
  • T-Shirt Dress | Black
  • T-Shirt Dress | Black
  • T-Shirt Dress | Black
  • T-Shirt Dress | Black

T-Shirt Dress | Black

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Argued to be one of the most versatile designs one can purchase, this t-shirt dress meets the needs of any avid traveller or capsule wardrobe enthusiast. It provides endless styling options with little need for accessorising.

The dress features subtle detailing; rolled sleeves, a high/low hemline and our signature back seam., its Comfortable, stylish and sustainable.

  • Relaxed fit: drapes loosely off the body
  • Model height: 157cm (5' 1")
  • Wearing size: extra small
  • Fabric: blended medium weight cotton jersey

    About the Brand;


    Founded on the principles that clothing should be produced in a way that embraces people and causes as little harm to the environment as possible, 
    As a manufacturing brand, we have the unique capacity to control the conditions under which our clothing is made and prioritize openness and honesty about what we do, and why we do it.

    Our design process is founded on three principles; ease of wear, longevity of quality, intelligent use of resources. We do not design and produce large seasonal collections.

    Our products are meticulously designed for everyday wear, focusing on quality above all else. 

    We combine an appreciation for design with a progressive business model- controlling our entire design and production process onsite in our production studio. Through running a safe, fair and supportive garment production space, we offer workers an alternative- to learn and grow in an environment that supports them as individuals and as skilled work

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