Painting FQA's

What will i need?
Tools and Equipment 
Sandpaper, cleaning equipment, drop sheets, Paint Brush, Rollers, Roller tray, Roller pole, Clean up rags, Water. 
Roller size ; 10- 12mm nap Dacron, microfibre or Lamdswool. 
Paint Brush; Most common paint brushes.
Is this paint washable.
Yes this paint is washable, not scrubbable.
Can this be used in Bathrooms.
Yes it can be but we do have a dedicated bathroom paint called Grafclean.
Can I match most common paint manufacturers colours
Yes we can match, But as this is a natural product Colours may vary slightly because of the natural minerals
Is this paint application similar to apply like commonly available paints?
Yes its applies in a very similar way, Important to keep a wet edge. e.g When cutting in do not let the cutting in dry before rolling up to it, only cut in as far as you are rolling at a time.
What do we clean up with.
Just use water for clean up, Can add some soap for ease of cleaning.
Will this paint last as long as commonly used paints.
Yes it will perform and last as long as most paints.
What is the paint gloss level?
Graphenstone Interior Paint leaves a Matte finish.
Can we use this paint for door frames, windows and doors?
It can be used on any surface, however we recommend still using enamel type paints for these surfaces.
What is the Paint coverage?
This can vary from surface type, but with most common smooth walls, 1 litre of paint will cover 12m2 of area per coat.
Other common Surfaces
New Gib First coat 8m2/litre.
Concrete surfaces first coat 6m2/Litre.
Can I thin the paint?
Yes we recommend to thin the paint with clean water 5 to 10% up to 15% if required.


Previously painted Surfaces.
Previously painted surfaces such as walls and ceilings should be cleaned, moss and mould free, clean from dust, dirt, oils and fly deposits.
Two coats should cover adequately and cover most colours, test first.
Lighty sand walls prior to painting.
Painting over enamels and varnishes;  lighty sand and apply one coat of four to four primer before applying two top coats of Graphenstone Interior Paint.
Painting over Acrylic;  lighty sand and before applying two top coats Graphenstone Interior Paint.
Paint Recoat; leave 24 hours before recoating. ( Absorbing Co2 is a vital part of the paint curing process ).
New Gib Walls and Ceilings.
Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and dust free.
Apply two coats Of Graphenstone Interior Paint. ( no sealer required ).
For any other questions please email;