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Calathea Maria | Indoor House Plant

Calathea Maria | Indoor House Plant

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It’s easy to fall in love with Calatheas and their exotic foliage, so don’t be surprised if you can’t resist their vibrant and exotic beauty.

A tight clumping calathea with long wavy-edged leaves which are light green in colour with dark blotches.

I arrive in a 12cm plastic pot.

Calathea Maria (Rattlesnake Plant) offers a distinguished presence to any room with its elegant foliage of lovely, variegated olive-green and white leaves. This indoor house plant adds a touch of sophistication and style to a modern home, and its calming appeal is perfect for any interior design scheme.

Please note: We only ship on Monday to Wedensday, We wont send your plants out on a Thursday or Friday at the risk of non delivery and it sitting in the courier depot over the weekend.


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