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Dipped Bowl | Dark Room - The Foxes Den

Dipped Bowl | Dark Room

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In a truly unique collaboration between UK company Dark Room and USA enamelware brand Crow Canyon Home, we offer this completely new way of working with a traditional material.
The hand-dipped, graphic tableware breaks the mould and celebrates its idiosyncrasies, ensuring that each piece is completely unique. The unusual monochrome design ensures dinner time will never be boring again! 

All the enamelware is made by fusing glass onto heavy guage steel, resulting in strong, durable tableware that will last for many years. The enamelware all have a durable enamel surface which is scratch resistant. It is suitable for use on gas, electric hobs and convection stovetops, and is oven safe to 270°C.The enamelware is also dishwasher safe and has a five year warranty.

15cm x 6cm