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Dove Grey Flat Sheet | 100% Linen

Dove Grey Flat Sheet | 100% Linen

$189.00 NZD

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Dove Grey Flat Top Sheet Made from Luxurious 100% linen. Carefully stonewashed for an incredibly soft feel. Easy care | Made in France

100% pure Bed linen is the ultimate luxury and suitable for use all year around. 

Our Linen is produced exclusively from West European long flax fibers which give them a very high level of quality and will last for generations to come.


" Did you know ? In France & Belgium - The original home of Linen, they sell sheet sets with two flat sheets? They use a flat sheet on the mattress ( bottom Sheet) This way the two sheets can be rotated with every wash, so the bottom sheets do not wear out first. We now sell our flat sheets individually as many customers ask for this option.