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Dowel Toilet Paper Holder | Walnut

Dowel Toilet Paper Holder | Walnut

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This luxurious walnut Dowel Toilet Paper holder brings a designer touch to modern bathrooms, infusing minimalist homewares with an elegant aesthetic. A tasteful addition to any bathroom decor, the holder's sleek design elevates the ordinary to an expression of classic sophistication. 

Sculptural Minimalism can be extended to all aspects of interior design. It is in the meticulous attention to detail, No excess, no mess.

This bathroom essentials  collection is defined by their refined and clean, architectural expression, natural materials, and strong, graphic lines.

Dimensions: W126 x D95 x H60

This is not a stock item & needs to be ordered in from the studio in Denmark, please allow 2-3 weeks delivery.
Do not use any chemicals or detergents to clean the steel. Use only mild soap water or glass cleaner. Dry with a soft cloth. The wooden walnut part is treated with oil. Wood is a living material changing imperceptibly over time and reacts to sunlight, humidity, temperature and can vary slightly in grain pattern and coloration. If the surface of the wood dries out, you may be able to restore its original glow by applying rapeseed oil to the product. The grains of the wood may raise. Use fine sandpaper to smoothen the surface if needed and finish with an extra layer of oil.

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