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Fleur de Fleur Cushion - White & Black

Fleur de Fleur Cushion - White & Black

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This handmade Fleur de Fleur Cushion combines the classic black and white design with modern minimalism. The cushion is crafted with a mix of high-quality fabrics for a tactile cushion that will add style to any home decor. Its size makes it perfect for the couch, armchair, or bed. Buy online for a warm, stylish addition to your home.

Our Fleur de Fleur Cushion is delightfully cheerful, yet seriously chic. 100% handwoven cotton by beautiful women from remote Indian villages, you can feel the love poured into each and every piece. They feature a beautifully textured floral design and work back perfectly with our Perfecto series to create a little injection of sophisticated happiness wherever they lay.

For us, they are a reminder that being stylish doesn't mean being too serious. Life is way too short! 

Fleur de Fleur also comes in a beautiful handwoven throw.

It also comes filled with a plump feather insert, which we have designed to be the most comfortable insert on the market.

OEKO-TEX® and GOTS certified


  • Rectangle: 40x60cm cushion 
  • Medium: 50x50cm cushion 
  • Large: 60x60cm cushion 
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