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Handmade Plinth | X Large

Handmade Plinth | X Large

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X Large handmade plinth sits at approx 10cm high x 36cm wide

Made from high-quality plaster, these plinths are a beautiful way to display vases and sculptures and also can be used to stagger heights of irregularly shaped objects to create balance.

The flip side of our extra-large plinth has a hollow open base, perfect to use as a display bowl. 

Each plinth is handmade with love.

Made to order - Delivery 7-10 Days

To clean, wipe gently with a damp cloth. 

Hand-made in Australia 


These plinths although heavy, are delicate.

Be careful to not chip the flutes if you would like to keep them sharp edged, however we are all for a rustic, worn in looking column- so if you would prefer it to look aged, gently tap away until you are happy!

All plinths are handmade, as they are made by hand- there may be slight colour and size variations between pieces, and there may be slight dents in the flutes.

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