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Linen Bedspread | Cumin

Linen Bedspread | Cumin

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Step into unparalleled comfort and style with our Linen Comforter/Bedspread, a testament to luxurious living and exquisite craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the pure bliss of 100% Pure Pre-washed Linen, meticulously tailored with delicate quilting details that speak volumes of elegance.

Picture yourself enveloped in the natural embrace of pure Linen, cocooned by a cozy poly filling and a plain cotton reverse. It's not just bedding; it's an experience—a symphony of comfort and sophistication.

Let the Cumin hues transport you to a realm of timeless elegance, where every thread whispers tales of refinement and tranquility. Embrace its versatility as it effortlessly layers up to provide warmth in winter or stands alone as a lightweight cover during summer's embrace.

With each touch, feel the essence of luxury woven into every fiber of our Linen Comforter/Bedspread. Made from 100% Pure Pre-washed Linen, 160 gsm—it's more than just bedding; it's a sanctuary of comfort, waiting to embrace you with open arms.

Made from a pure Linen front, with a cozy poly filling and a plain cotton reverse.

Designed to layer up  and enjoy its cocooning warmth in winter or used in place of a duvet in the summer.

Made from 100% Pure Pre-washed Linen, 160 gsm.

Linen Comforter \ Bedspread.

Colour: Cumin

Sizes available. 

King Single: 220cm x 260cm
Queen : 265cm × 260cm  + 2 Pillowcases
King : 285cm × 270cm + 2 Pillowcases - 
Super King : 315cm × 270cm + 2 Pillowcases  - 
Cali King: 305cm x 270cm 2 Pillowcases 


Made in China in a “carbon neutral” factory. 

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