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  • Replacement Mask Filter
  • Replacement Mask Filter

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Replacement Mask Filter

$2.90 $4.50



Replacement filter for your reusable Linen Mask for enhanced protection.

For use with our Pocket masks, 

These will fit in most cloth masks designed to accommodate a replaceable filter and can be cut to size.

High Particle capture of invisible Particles (>80% at 0.3 micron)

Extremely low breathing resistance 

Filters are made from natural NZ wool fibre for enhanced protection and may contain organic markings. Any organic markings are harmless and are proof of the filter’s natural origin. They do not affect the performance of the filter.

The filters should be replaced as often as possible. All contaminated filter elements must be disposed of safely when replaced and should not be re-used. 

When correctly fitted, the mask with a filter inserted provides excellent protection and comfort to enable prolonged use. 

Due to health and safety reasons this face mask in non-refundable and non-returnable.

Made in New Zealand from 100% natural NZ wool

Sold individually or a pack of 7

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