Linen Vrs Bamboo Sheets

Linen Vrs Bamboo Sheets

I had a question posted via Facebook asking "Are Linen sheets as good as Bamboo Sheets? "
We think ... Better! and i did a bit of research. 
Linen vrs Bamboo Cotton
Firstly not everyone Love's the look and feel of Pure linen sheets but we personally think Organic Cotton is the way to go over against Bamboo.

The difference is that linen sheets that aren’t processed with chemicals, while bamboo sheets can’t be made without chemicals.

The fiber — rayon — is made from a chemical reaction with cellulose extracted from bamboo plants. Actual bamboo fibers are far too stiff and coarse to make sheets from. Therefor Linen is a lot better for your skin and the environment..


It’s hard to put a price on comfort in bed, where you’re likely to spend as much as a third of your life. Unless you want to envelope yourself in harsh chemicals each night - have a long hard think about the sheets you sleep in. 

Most bamboo fabric that is the current use in bedding or as a eco-fashion range is chemically manufactured by “cooking” the bamboo leaves and woody shoots in strong chemical solvents such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH – also known as caustic soda and carbon disulfide in a process also known as hydrolysis alkalization combined with multi-phase bleaching.

Both sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide have been linked to serious health problems.

Breathing low levels of carbon disulfide can cause tiredness, headache and nerve damage.

Carbon disulfide has been shown to cause neural disorders in workers at rayon manufacturers.

Low levels of exposure to sodium hydroxide can cause irritation of the skin and eyes. Sodium hydroxide is a strong alkaline base also known as caustic soda  

In its dry crystalline form, caustic soda is one of the major ingredients of Drano.

This is basically the same process used to make rayon from wood or cotton waste byproducts.

Because of the potential health risks and damage to the environment surrounding the manufacturing facilities, textile manufacturing processes for bamboo or other regenerated fibers using hydrolysis alkalization with multi-phase bleaching are not considered sustainable or environmentally supportable.

Softness- Few things could compare with the softness of new bamboo sheets, which are incredibly smooth and supple straight out of the package.

However, the rayon can also be prone to generating static electricity when some types of sleepwear are worn, and if you dislike the “slippery” you may also dislike bamboo sheets.


Linen sheets, on the other hand, take a bit of time to reach their full potential. The highest quality linen sheets may feel a bit stiff out of the package but become softer with repeated washing and breaking in. After you have broken your linen sheets in, you’ll find that they offer a combination of softness and crispness difficult to match elsewhere.

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And.. What about the Cute Panda's ?

Whats your thoughts? 

Mrs Fox

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We are totally converted to your pure linen bedding. Just love it.
Sleep really well.

Donna Beattie

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