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It is important to save water. However, it is even more important to help the one billion people who have no access to clean water. Stop The Water therefore launched their GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative. global support of clever and exciting projects supplying drinking water. !
Safe drinking water
Stop the Water have been helping to install fog collectors in Tanzania, Africa, since 2014. Every collector filters up to 1,000 litres of drinking water a day from fog to sustainably improve local people‘s lives. They have also been bringing fresh drinking water to Kenyan schools with a new project.
The LifeStraw
Our new project will provide Kenyan schoolchildren with up to 3.2 million L of fresh, clean drinking water! •
63% of Kenyan schoolchildren have no access to fresh, clean drinking water ! • 
Stop The Water finances more than 30 major communities with the Lifestraw – A system that filters up to 99,99% of bacteria, viruses and parasites ! • 
They supply 6 schools and 2,400 schoolchildren with clean drinking water, the Lifestraw will last for several years! • 
Every customer can be part of it: 10% of the revenues will be donated directly to the project.
Lifestraw NZ
Lifestraw NZ
Thanks for Helping.
Mrs Fox

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