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Washing Machine

How long since you cleaned out the inside of your washing machine?


We have a new range of natural laundry liquids arriving soon which got me thinking - How can the washing liquid, clean and make our washing smell beautiful if its fighting a dirty washing machine?


Cleaning your Machine....


If you put your arm down inside the washing liquid dispenser (top loader) -This is the central drum

you will feel a screw -undo it and the whole washing machine centre will lift out.


Using a natural Plant based cleaner and good quality long handled dish brush give the entire inside of the drum a scrub, and rinse




Now for the parts...


 Completely scrub the inside and outside of the washing machine centre, and pull apart the fabric softener dispenser and scrub it well. Wipe your machine down with a cleaning cloth, including the button panel, lid and outside of the Machine.


Put it all back together - and wow!


Have Fun!


Products Used: 100% cotton Cleaning cloth, Wooden dish brush and Natural Cleaner -All Available via our Website

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