Stonewashed Linen | Pumice vs Enzyme Washed

Stonewashed Linen | Pumice vs Enzyme Washed

I had a client ask a great question...
"Hi there, I've recently been reading up about stone washing techniques and have discovered that these days chemicals are sometimes used as well as, or instead of, pumice to break down the fibres of linen. Are you able to give me any information about the stonewashing techniques used on your french linen bedware?
This is  something I have spent months researching and talking with flax growers and manufactures about.
The linen we currently have has been stonewashed using a natural Pumice stone, basically they put the linen in a big commercial dryer with the Pumice stones and this softens the Fibers.

There is also the Enzyme wash, some other bigger brands use here in New Zealand.
Its a lot more cost effective for them, and very unnatural.
We would never use or recommend this option as they use very harsh chemical, an Acid to soften the fibres. It completely destroys the natural fibres and the health benefits of Linen.
In all honesty, we feel even stone washing with Pumice can slightly weaken the flax, but so far the market has wanted a soft, relaxed vintage linen but our next shipment of linen we are just getting pre washed (3-4 times) with warm water prior to sewing.

This will help slightly soften the fabric, and will result in a more natural flax fibre and a linen that will be ultra smooth and very long lasting.
Flax Linen is the oldest fiber in the world and back 9000 years ago they didn't use any chemicals to soften the fibres.
At The Foxes Den we are striving to bring the most pure and natural Linen bedding to New Zealand.
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