Rivsalt - Salt grating Set

Rivsalt - Salt grating Set

"Rivsalt -  salt grating set from Jens Sandringer"

Salt is salt, I hear you say. But nothing could be further from the truth. Real gourmets know the subtle differences between cheap cooking salt and premium-quality rock or sea salt. The Rivsalt Set by Swedish designer Jens Sandringer gives the salt a more nuanced taste: experience freshly grated salt as a completely new taste experience.


Nearly everyone has “ordinary” salt with fine grains in their cupboard. But it has long been common knowledge that industrially manufactured cooking salt is nowhere near the quality of high-grade rock salt. The only disadvantage of this rock salt is that unfortunately it is not very easy to handle in everyday use. With the Rivsalt Set, there is now a very easy method for getting just the right quantity of top-quality rock salt that you need for domestic use. While a normal salt grinder can only manage to grind slightly coarser salt, this innovative salt grinder can also cope with huge blocks of salt for a unique taste experience.


Its innovative concept makes the Rivsalt Set absolutely unique on the market. It is delivered in a decorative packaging, making it suitable not only for your own personal use but also as a – quite literally – tasteful gift.

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