Almond Body Scrub

Almond Body Scrub

Our Beautiful mild and creamy Almond Body Scrub gently exfoliate your skin leaving you felling fresh and smooth, This hand made soap bar contains almond oil and wheat bran.

Almond Body Scrub

Use Our Almond Body Scrub a couple of times a week.  This body scrub can help your skin a lot. You will feel and see the benefits of the ingredients. 

Almond are full of benefits, in inside your body and on your skin. Almonds help control your digestive system and cholesterol levels. They are a rich source of energy and also help acquire a natural skin completion without the nasty side effects of medicine.

Almonds in NZ

There are many different methods of using almonds in your skincare routine, You might have heard about almond oil, which makes your skin smooth and soft naturally. This rich in protein and fiber food can help you in acquiring amazing results when applied on skin.


We recommend the STOP THE WATER - Almond body oil  -  Its intensively moisturizing and also great for sensitive skin. It provides the skin with nourishing enzymes and nutrients, leaving it soft and supple with an extra moisture boost.

Almond Body Oil


Enjoy using Our Almond Body Scrub and Almond Body oil to improve your skin naturally.

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