A good night's sleep starts with soft, cozy sheets...

A good night's sleep starts with soft, cozy sheets...

A good night's sleep starts with soft, cozy sheets that let your body breathe. Here's what to look for when you dress your bed.

 It all starts with the Fabric…

Linen is a natural fabric it’s machine-washable and breathable, absorbs 20% more moisture than cotton so you wake up feeling fresh.


It matters where the fibre is grown and where the fabric manufactured….

France and Italy are known as some of the best sheet makers in the business, it’s where the flax is grown, farmed & milled. It’s important to note that every country makes sheets, so price can be a basic guide as to what you are buying. You are NOT going to get a good quality French Linen for $200 a set, instead you will be getting a Chinese made linen. Yes.. it will be called “FRENCH LINEN” as the flax fiber is only grown in certain parts of the world, but the process of turning the plant into a fiber is an art and its costly.


Consider the environmental impact.....

This one is a little complicated, but a few things to consider is the process and factory where your sheets are made, the chemical finishes on bed sheets have a negative environmental impact, and not to mention sleeping on these sheets, you spend a third of your life in bed...being exposed to bad chemicals for that long has to be bad for you. Also some fabrics such as cotton are water-intensive crop, and it takes gobs and gobs of water to manufacture. Linen is better for you and the earth.



 Go Wrinkle Free

Linen is naturally wrinkly, embrace it, the upside is that you won’t need to press them to remove wrinkles. Sheets that are marketed as “Wrinkle Free” are laced with a harsh Chemical, Though it is not obvious from the label, the antiwrinkle finish comes from a resin that releases formaldehyde, the chemical that is usually associated with embalming fluids” People with skin allergies may be sensitive to formaldehyde. This chemical process can wear off with multiple washes, so you might end up at the ironing board anyway, or just dealing with wrinkly sheets. Another downside is the potential health effects of the chemical finish. Our Linen Fabric is chemical Free and Full of wrinkles!



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