A Monday Morning Thought!

A Monday Morning Thought!

I felt a sudden urge to write this blog as I was looking at some photos of my cozy linen bed that I took this morning.
I woke up this morning after an amazing weekend and as I snuggled down into my linen sheets i had a sudden realization of just how much I love my bed (I know shocking isn't it 😂) and just how grateful i am for the refreshing nights sleep i am now able to have every night.  
I can honestly say that lying in my bed in the morning, just for a few minute before i get up, is the highlight of every day.
This is what people mean when they say linen is the epitome of luxury. Its soft, malleable, breathable and the feeling of it on your skin 😍
No more sticky sweaty nights, it keeps you cool when your warm and insulates you when your cold. 
Pure European linen bedding has completely changed my sleep, and can honestly say, along with many other premium linen lovers, that i could never go back to sticky cottons or cheap knock off linen. 
Other Linen Lovers...
I consider myself a bit of a linen expert..
You know how some women collect shoes or handbags.. well not me I collect linen!I have slept in and purchased pretty much every linen brand available in NZ. you name it.. I've tried it.If I could give one piece of advice when purchasing linen.. go for the real deal.We have so many cheaper linens available from homeware stores now in some beautiful colours, nearly all of them are made in China.Always inquire as to where the Linen is Manufactured, chances are if they don't openly tell you on the website- they are hiding the fact it's made in China. Next find out the gsm or weight of the linen.Why I fell in Love with the Majeste Linen is it's heavy weight and durability. Its 190gsm fabric over-against most others that are only 160gsm. I would have to say the quality of the Majeste European linen is amazing.
Extremely Happy with this imported European linen .. NOT made in China!..
Love sleeping in these glorious sheets .. yes .. they are expensive, but the quality is superb .. very generous sizing, I have bought the sage green Californian King size flat sheet to use as a bed cover on guest bed.
Very prompt delivery, and gorgeous packaging .. Thankyou from a very happy cub!!🦊

Loviest sheets everrrrr

100% happy with Foxes Den linen sheets.
My husbands words
“ I don’t want to know how much you paid for these but dont ever use anything else. These sheets are so nice”

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