Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary...

Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary...

Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary | Part one
In this day and age a bedroom is a welcoming cocoon, a retreat from our busy fast paced life. As we retire there at the end of each day we look forward to a simple, warm and comfy oasis. 
I've created a style guide and a check list of everything I believe you need to create a natural welcoming Bedroom Sanctuary inspired by Scandinavian trends.
Forest green

The Duvet Cover

A Duvet cover, Quilt or Doona ( if your an Aussie ) is the cornerstone of your bedroom’s decoration. Its the first thing you see, it takes center stage and sets the whole design of your bedroom, personally I think the sheets are way more important as they are next to your skin, but the Duvet cover is the most visual.

If you like a sleek, polished bedroom - stop reading... this isn't for you.

Linen.... Pure French flax linen is messy, wrinkly and deliciously comfy.

Just they way we like it!

Pure linen is a fabric which is both easy to live with and very easy care. its especially pleasant in summer, thanks to its fresh and crisp texture. It breathes so you never feel sticky and sweaty on those hot nights.

And in winter... Ooh in Winter! its even better, because it insulates so well. It’s just perfect, By layering a pure wool blanket on your bed you basically trap in the heat.

If you want to sleep perfectly all year round ... sleep in Linen


Navy Linen Duvet Cover


Things to consider when buying a Linen Duvet Cover..

Colour - its a big investment and you want it right. As Linen is a natural fiber each batch will be slightly different. So if you fall in love with a duvet cover - Buy it! Don't hesitate. If you can't quite afford it ask if you can hold it or put it on Layby.
The next batch of linen could be a completly different tone. It all comes down to the growing season and the crop harvest.
Also take note of the natural light in you bedroom, dyed linen will fade if in bright sunlight. If you have the luxury of sleeping in a sun filled sanctuary, choose pure white, light sand / taupe colours or the natural linen that is completly raw with no colouring, bleach  or dyes - so this wont change in the sun.
Size - It depends on your bed and the look you are trying to create, But I always recommend going one size bigger than your bed size, For example if you have a queen bed use a King size duvet cover. Remember you will need to purchase the same size Inner. There is nothing worse than a duvet cover not completely filled to the edge.
If you bed has sides, ie a sleigh bed - keep the duvet cover the same size as you mattress to allow for tucking in.
 Over the next couple of blog posts we are going to cover...
Sheets - a guide on buying sheets
Texture & Layering 
Anything else? -let me know in the comments below.
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