French Linen.... or FRENCH LINEN?

French Linen.... or FRENCH LINEN?

Nothing grates me more than linen being marketed as "French Linen" and actually being made in China..
Not all linen is created equal. Lots of other brands will advise they use French, Belgian or European Flax. In most cases, this just means the flax plant was grown in Europe and the linen was not actually milled in Europe at all.
Most are made in China!
 Many of these cheaper linens are produced in more unregulated markets and can contain chemicals such as silicons and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that has been linked to illnesses and cancer. 
Just look on the website, If Linen advertised as "French Linen" but does not state the origin of where its made... Alarm Bells!!
If the information is not provided on the website or product, they are trying to hide something. I have even had a customer tell me they rung a NZ online company selling linen.. " asking where is your Linen made.. and they wouldn't tell them!!
How is this building customer relationships and gaining there trust? 
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