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How To Find Your Scandinavian Style!

Posted on 16 August 2020

One of my favorite styles is Scandinavian. I love the clear and minimalist look it brings to bedrooms. With this style, there is no clutter and lots of light. Its one of the most intriguing and relaxing styles and can brighten up any room. Today I bring you 4 tips on how you can create your own Scandinavian inspired bedroom. 
1. Colour
Scandinavian bedrooms are known for the minimal amount of colour they contain. Any minimalist room will only have around 2 -3 colours in it. Sticking to this helps not to over-complicate the rooms. There are two main colour schemes that Scandinavian bedrooms have... 
Deep & Dark 
dark, rich colours bring a soulful and moody vibe to the room. You can incorporate these deep colours by having dark coloured walls, features, or textiles.
Brights whites
These whites and contrasting light grey tones are a good way of brightening up the room. This can be a great trick if your bedroom does not have much natural light. 
We know that decor is key in every room. In a Scandinavian style room, it is important to keep the decor as simple as the room itself, a simple hanging light or stack or books. 
Wall art 
Black and white print are best along with simple frames, again keeping to the 2-3 color rule. Having basic and simple artwork and photos allows the room to keep that minimalist look alive. 
Most Scandinavian style rooms will contain plants. As well as being beautiful, live plants help to clean and purify the air. Chucking a plant on your bedside table can completely change the room into an open and relaxing space. 
3. Material and Textiles 
Crumpled linens, wooden surfaces, pillows piled high, and layers of blankets are the perfect textures to produce a Scandinavian room. Having a mix of different textures in the room helps create a softness that makes the room look cozy and warm.  
4. Furniture 
In Scandinavian style furniture is kept to a minimum. Clothes are kept on racks or in closets. You may find the odd chair/stool in the corner, or a bench at the end of a bed. Any large items are kept to a minimum, and you will often find baskets or crates scattering the corners on the rooms. 

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