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Invest in you!

Posted on 07 April 2022

Our Majeste linen is one of the only Linen brands in New Zealand and Australia that sells pure European linen, made in Europe from natural linen fibers. 
Not Chinese linen manufactured in Europe, not French flax linen made in China and not Indian linen. Pure 100% European linen made and manufactured in Europe.
French Flax Linen and European Linen are two of the most common names for "Fake linen". This linen is brought in from China, and manufactured with terrible labor conditions and infused with dyes and chemicals, the fabric is then sewn in Europe, and promoted as European linen. 
This is not what Majeste Linen is about, all of our own Majeste brand is 100% pure European linen with a gsm of 190. Making it one of the thickest and most lush linens sold in NZ. 
Every piece is made from European fair trade flax linen fibers, woven into fabric. Then it is sewn into sheets and duvets right there in Europe and shipped our to our warehouse in NZ. 
We love linen and we want you to experience all the benefits of sleeping in pure linen, but believe me, buying cheaper linen bedding will not provide you any of the benefits we speak of so highly.
The Foxes Den is not about selling you cheap linen that you can replace when you want. Its about allowing you to invest, invest in your sleep, invest in luxury and most importantly invest in your self.
Give your self the opportunity to live your most luxurious life, you only get one. 

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