My top 10 tips on finding your own style.

My top 10 tips on finding your own style.

My top 10 tips on finding your own style.


1|  Stay away from trends & the latest fashions

2| Look around you home, pick out the things you love, the things you brought home from your travels, that special photo you love. You will often find a common theme or style. Build on that.

3| Be unique, be you.. find inspiration from others but if you copy it the result will be a showroom style home, without a story without a true expression of who you really are.

4| Take time to research and figure out who you are and what your style is.. so often when see something advertised in a glossy magazine, its perfectly styled an looks amazing. We impulse buy only to find it doesn't suit your home or you no longer like it.

5| Get rid of everything that you no longer love or have a use for. Remove the clutter and strip back to the basics.. Find those things you love. build your style from that.

6| Your home is an expression of you.. it should reflect you, the places you have been, things you have done. Stay true to you.. things you really love. Tell your story through your home.

7| Get help from a professional or even just a friend. Ask them to describe you, your style... find out what the common theme or style is.

8| Start with a blank canvas, easier said than done I know. If you can completly clear out your room... everything! firstly if you want to move back in.. you will need to complete the room. But first take time to sit in your blank room... visit your moldboards, scroll pinterest, Print paint samples and tape them on the walls. Often starting from scratch gives us fresh eyes.

9| Question yourself... this may sound crazy but ask those hard questions when you are researching things you like; Why do I like this space? What is it that I like in this space?  When you find a room that you love, dissect it, find out exactly what you love about it. this It will help you start to figure out what you are drawn to in a home and how you can interpenetrate this in your own space.

10| Probably the most important tip.. be patient. to me a home should feel curated, collected and full of memory's, this can take time. but if you find your true personal style and stick to it your home will be a reflection of you, and will never date.

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