Sorting Out Your Home and Garden Storage

Sorting Out Your Home and Garden Storage

Finding enough space in your house to store all the items you need can be a frustrating task at the best of times. However, if you want to live in a comfortable and organised home, you’ll eventually have to either get rid of some stuff or better yet, get on top of your home storage.
Luckily, with the right home storage products, it’s possible to find room for almost anything. Here are some of the best garden and home storage solutions for creating a well-ordered living environment.

Laundry Room
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The laundry room is often the most cramped and unorganised room in the house, so it’s fortunate that there are many ways to add more storage space and keep everything in order.

The key to successful laundry storage is to make proper use of the wall space. Hanging wire storage racks are great for storing laundry products like detergent and sheets. This rack can be placed anywhere on the walls where there is available room. A behind the door organising rack is another great option for saving extra room. These can be bought at most home improvement stores. It’s always best to buy home storage products that don’t take up extra floor space so that you have enough room to move around.
There are also many innovative shelving options these days, so you can always find something to fit into the space you need. Once you have shelves, a useful tip is to group your laundry products together in an organised fashion. The best way to do this is to put them in little plastic baskets and label the baskets so that you know where everything is.

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The kitchen is probably the most difficult room in the house to organise as there are so many ingredients and utensils you have to store, from food items and cutlery to heavy pots, pans and appliances. Having the right shelving system is essential. Shelving that slides out is the best option for heavy items like pots and pans. You should always store your kitchen items by frequency of use, with everyday pans, pots and dishes in a low shelf where it’s easy to reach. All special occasion kitchenware should be placed in shelves that are trickier to get to.

One way to sort storage in your pantry is to buy little baskets, bins and containers to group your food products in. These could be labelled so that you don’t have to waste time rummaging through the entire pantry. Putting a bunch of small items in one basket will save a huge amount of room and keep the pantry much more organised. To save even more space in the rest of the kitchen, you could buy a cork board for the pantry door to hang tools and pin recipes.

Garden Storage
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For storage of outdoor items like heavy equipment and garden tools, the best option is to get a shed for your backyard. While there are many great shed options available, sometimes thinking outside the box can pay off. For example, lightly-used shipping containers can make excellent garden sheds as they are designed to be strong, durable and practical. Made of steel, they are most often used for storage and the transportation of goods.

Whatever type of outdoor storage you decide on, ensure that it’s built to withstand the often harsh and yet weather environments New Zealand is known for. Also, make sure you install as much storage shelving as possible to keep everything as organised as possible.

Written by Sofia Lockett for The Foxes Den
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