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The Best Bed Linen in NZ

Posted on 04 April 2019

Buy less.. choose well..
As you know we don't buy from any factory's we haven't visited or known how the operate, A few months back I was contacted by a linen company in China, one that supplies 2-3 other linen brands here in NZ, the linen is nice quality and incredibly good priced, I'm talking $250rrp for a Duvet..
so we sent a buyer to visit... & nope.. I just can't do it.. yes great linen at great prices.. but those poor people ūüėĘ mostly women, sitting in lines on their sewing machines, no breaks, terrible conditions.
When viewing the factory, walking up & down the isles.. they weren't even allowed to look up and say hello.. in fear of their boss.
They are paid little to nothing and treated like slaves.
So just remember every time you are getting a great deal on a Chinese set of linen.. someone else has already paid the price...
Mrs Fox
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