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The luxury of linen sheets...

The luxury of linen sheets
I've always enjoyed life's simple pleasures, Fresh cut flowers, crystal wine glasses and my all time favorite.. sleeping in fresh sheets.
Most people just think sheets are sheets and I've had so many people tell me "they are too expensive" or "our Sheets are fine"
Until I loan them a set to try... And they are SOLD!
Most have come back for a second set - just so they don't ever have to go back to cotton again.
Someone asked me the other day.."why is it when I get in to bed with fresh, clean Linen, I just want to swim my legs around - I thought this was Hilarious... Only linen lovers will get this 😂
Its like sleeping in a cloud, Linen sheets just envelope you, you feel like you are getting a Linen Hug.
Your Linen sheets will get softer with each wash but its my absolute favorite time of the week when you put clean linen sheets back on your bed..and they are all crunchy and rough....zzzz
It only lasts a day or so and your Linen is soft and smooth until the next wash.
Sweet Dreams.

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