Washing and Caring for Luxury Bed Linen!

Washing and Caring for Luxury Bed Linen!

I often get asked about caring for linen, how to wash it, and if it shrinks in the dryer or not? 
They’re great questions which we need to know the answer to, as our quality European bed linen deserves top-notch care!
Washing and How Often?
Linen is amazing, after each wash it becomes softer and more luxurious than ever. It is a very strong and durable material, especially when as been formed with such care and precision like ours. So the more often you wash your linen, the softer and smooth it will become. 
Because our European linen is so luxurious, you want to be caring for it properly. I personally recommend washing linen in lukewarm or cold water, on a low temperature around 40 C. Set your machine on a gentle washing cycle and use a detergent that’s not too harsh. However, your not to stress too much as each set of linen comes with a clear set of care instructions, so you won't have to worry about researching how to care for your linen.  
Linen can be out in the dryer, however, I definitely recommend having on low heat. A lower temperature will ensure your linen doesn’t shrink or get damaged. Don’t allow your linen to dry fully in the dryer. Remover from the dryer whilst the linen it still damp and lie or hang flat, allowing it to finish drying. This will prevent the linen from becoming stiff. 
Remember that our linen is of the highest quality and luxury items, such as our linen, require care. Our linen is made with such high standards in order for you to have the most lushes night's sleep. 


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