What kind of sheets do luxury hotels use?

What kind of sheets do luxury hotels use?

The one reason and perhaps the most important thing when checking in to any Hotel is sleep, After all that's is why you are there.

Luxury hotels understand that their reputation and success relies on the experience you'll have their in their room.

As a guest having a clean room, with crisp white bedding gives the you confidence that the room has been cleaned  and the bed sheets a fresh.

Having high quality luxury bed sheets can affect the guest mood and sleep.

The most important thing when selecting Hotel sheets fabric and the quality of the fabric. Our favourite is 100% pure cotton or 100% pure Linen. Many hotels still use a Polly-cotton mix. Manly due to the cost and frequent abuse the get. 

Their sheets are washed so frequently so they also should be durable any five-star or luxury hotel will use 100% pure cotton in at least a -300 - 400 thread count.

Luxurious five-star hotels strive to ensure their guests have a nice and comfortable stay. Pure cotton sheets with a sateen finish has a  more smooth luxurious hand feel.

Our Hotel style sheet sets a perfect  as they are super comfortable and feel luxurious to touch. Made from 100% pure European cotton in a 500 thread count.

They are extremely durable and soft. 

We are proud to say they are completely manufactured and made in Europe, from top quality cotton fibres. The thread is thick and extra soft and the sateen finish gives them a lovely drape and smooth look.

Washing or laundering your cotton sheets to keep feeling like the luxury Hotel ones in very important. Luxury resorts and hotels achieve that Crisp linen look by using a commercial laundry. Often once the sheets have been washed and dried  they are then put through a roller press to remove any wrinkles and starched. Which is how they get there crisp washed feeling. You can achieve this at home by line drying & ironing your sheets before you make the bed. 

View our Hotel style sheet sets online here - https://www.thefoxesden.co.nz/collections/egyptian-cotton

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