Where our linen is grown, sourced and manufacture.. – The Foxes Den

Where our linen is grown, sourced and manufacture..

Posted on 21 October 2018

The Foxes Den Online store has a beautiful range of Stonewashed Bed Linen, Made from 100% Pure French Linen our Linen Collection includes; Linen Duvet Covers, Linen sheet sets, Linen Pillowcases, Linen Aprons, Linen Tea Towels, Linen Bath towels + More.
Enjoy Our Pure Linen Collection
Here at The Foxes Den, we pride ourselves in being open and transparent as to where our linen is grown, sourced and manufactured.
This is why you will see big price variants between linen in New Zealand.
We have a premium French Linen range, that has been grown, milled, woven and sewn in Europe - this is the cream-de-la-cream of linen.
Yes, we also stock a range of Chinese & Indian manufactured linen, but we are proud to say we know exactly the type of factories our linen is coming from.
Our Linen from India is Certified Organic, meaning the linen has meet the GOTS standard for both environment and  fair working conditions.
The certified organic cotton meets the gold standard of textile production. The GOTS certification exceeds organic fibre requirements, contain no nasty chemicals and meets strict social responsibility standards.
Our Chinese linen is made in a “carbon neutral” factory.
What is a Carbon Neutral Factory?
Its having a net zero carbon footprint, This means to achieve a net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset, or buying enough carbon credits to make up the difference.
Reducing the amount of green house gas.

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