Palm Oil Free Soap by Bondi Wash

I was lucky enough to take my two little cubs to the wildlife Park at the weekend (Orana wildlife Park). The keepers spoke to us a lot about the effects of Palm oil and how much we use in our everyday products. 

Large areas of tropical forests are been cleared to make room for vast oil palm plantations – destroying critical habitat for many endangered species, including rhinos, elephants and tigers.

We are so proud to stock products like the Bondi Wash Soap bar - its completely Palm oil Free!


Bondi Wash spent many hours developing the perfect soap.  At every stage they were asked about the source of the ingredients – for the palm-oil free soap base.  They also found out that even ‘sustainable’ palm oil is at least 50% derived  from non-sustainable sources.  So the palm-oil free base was the only alternative.  Significantly more expensive – and harder to source – but the right decision for the environment.

.So, here are out honest thoughts on the end product

1.  It really is a soap like no other
2.  The fragrance is a joy – and wafts throughout the bathroom even when not in use
3.  The texture is really creamy – almost silky
4.  It may not lather as much as other soaps – but that is a function of the natural ingredients (same goes for our other products – lather comes from synthetics usually)
5.  It is non-irritating (we have sensitive skin)
6.  It is so gentle and soothing, we are using it on our faces (avoiding the eye area) as well as all over our bodies.
7. The bar is large – so can be a little hard to hold for small hands when first used – but only take a day or two to feel comfortable in the hands.

So enjoy a guilt free wash with the Bondi Wash Palm oil Free Soap Bar.

Australian wattleseed 

Mrs Fox


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