Supplier Spotlight: Atlas Living.

Supplier Spotlight: Atlas Living.

I think it’s fairly safe to assume that if you can say your bedding is the ‘finest European linen that has been grown, milled and made in France’, you’re doing ok in life. For the large majority of us, bedding consists of an on-trend bargain from Adair’s – or, if you are a student, Kmart – however, for the select few that have heard of the small, family-run New Zealand business, Atlas Living, then you’re onto a good thing (and no doubt sleeping like a queen!).

 We have chosen local Christchurch stockist, Atlas Living, to be our first ‘Supplier Spotlight’ contender, where we grill them with five question’s about their brand, latest collection & what they envision to be the perfect ‘Atlas Living’ setting.

How would you describe the ‘Atlas Living’ Customer?

The Atlas customer is a personality that cares about the environment while believing in good health and enjoying a quality of life.

What inspired you to outsource French Linen and bring it to the New Zealand customer?

While searching for flax linen we noticed most brands available in New Zealand and Australia are made or sourced in China and India, the quality is very average and you still pay a premium price. Our Linen is grown, milled and made In France. We have the only linen available in New Zealand with the Sanelin Guarantee. This means it’s a Natural fibre of European origin, we have respect of the environment throughout the weaving process, as well as of the labour standards. And ensures the flax linen is ethically produced under proper working conditions unlike so many Chinese made linens available in NZ at the moment.

We’ve notice a strong connection between the use of natural textiles, and the colour palette within the range. Is there a story behind this?

We are inspired by nature so texture and colour play an important role in our colour palette – we as we do care about the quality of our product and the way it’s made, we do try to keep our colours and product dyes to a min. Our Natural coloured linen is a completely raw fiber, this means it has no colour, dyes or bleach.

Describe your brand in three words.




How would you describe your perfect bedroom using your range?

Simple, understated & clean.

Atlas Living's product's can be found online, or in-store at The Foxes Den.

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Why are good quality sheet s such boring colours ied like bright phorscent colours?


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