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SCRUBBED | Introducing Our New Cleaning Range

Posted on 06 July 2016

SCRUBBED | Introducing the incredible, natural, handmade cleaning products. Individually handmade and hand packaged in beautiful Dark bottles, scrubbed products are gentle on the environment and on your skin- not to mention they smell divine too!
SCRUBBED | Introducing a Natural Cleaning Product
Introducing  Megan,the founder of Scrubbed Natural and avid Scrubbed user!

I want to tell you her story,

She used to buy natural and organic home products from her local supermarket. She would justify the crazy cost because at least it was natural. She really thought that she had found a product that she was happy with, until her partner politely informed her that his “clean” clothes still smelt like body odour! Yuck!!
Read the rest of her story...
For a brief period I gave in to the nasty but effective chemical options (don’t hate me!). Sure, my home was clean, but the harsh cleaning products gave me an instant headache, plus washing my clothes and sheets in these chemicals really irritated my skin and eczema!
I endlessly looked online for alternatives and decided that trying natural homemade options was worth a shot. After labouring over a hot stove, and somehow finding the patience to let my concoction rest for two days, I finally got to do my first trial.
I washed, I dried, and the clothes came out clean, fresh and soft. And as for the partner test … yeah he literally didn’t even notice that I wasn’t using toxic chemicals anymore because my natural alternative was just as effective!

I love what I have created with Scrubbed Natural for a number of reasons. Of course I am so happy to be using natural products in my home and looking after not only my health but also the environment. But it doesn’t stop there. Being a small business I can keep my overheads down, making my products pretty affordable. Sure, you can buy a bulk chemical product a bit cheaper from the supermarket, but Scrubbed Natural products are concentrated and last way longer anyway! Plus you never have to compromise effectiveness with Scrubbed Natural! I use all of my products in my own home and genuinely believe in them. If they can clean my partner’s clothes then you know they are pretty awesome!

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