The Perfect Morning Routine!

The Perfect Morning Routine!

The best way to start your day is with a refreshing morning routine that sets you up for the day. I bring you a few tips on how you can create your morning routine, which sets you up to have an amazing day. 

Personally, I was never a morning person, but since I started having a morning routine, I love m mornings. I use to lay in bed, snoozing my alarm repeatedly, making me very late and frustrated.

Step 1, Skincare

Every morning I stumble to the bathroom to wash my face and do some kind of skincare routine. For me, this consists of washing my face in warm water, applying some oil, and slapping on a bit of moisturizer. This wakes me up, gets me feeling fresh and ready to go.

Step 2, Fill your mind up with good thoughts

Every morning I put on some type of motivational talk or speech. This helps my brain to be filled with positive thoughts and sets me up for a great day with a great mindset. It is important to fulfill your brain with these thoughts within the first 20 minutes of waking up. This is when your subconscious mind is most impressionable. Reading or listening to something motivational is guaranteed to help you get throughout your day. Trust me, it works!

Step 3, Brekkie

One must have a healthy and nourishing brekkie; it is key to a good morning routine. Coffee, along with a good breakfast, is what helps me to get going in the morning. I personally find it is the best time to get in any fruit and nuts, and it always tastes amazing.

Step 4, Do something productive

Doing one thing, just one productive thing can change the whole nature of your day. Whether it's making your bed or writing a blog as I do, do something. It sets you up to be productive and get the most out of your day.
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