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Element | Heavy Semi Sheer Curtains

Element | Heavy Semi Sheer Curtains

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Ready made Semi Sheer Curtains,

Element is for the true textile enthusiast! Featuring a double cloth construction with intricate binding, Element is a heavy, complex semi sheer which delivers accessible luxury. 

This technical cloth is reversible with complex colouration, resulting in a tactile window treatment that delivers vast decorative opportunities. Woven in Belgium in a predominately synthetic composition with 15% wool, Element has extraordinary dimension and texture whilst remaining highly practical.

The custom colour palette is inspired by the elements of New Zealand; mineral tones sit alongside pigmented shades of terracotta, ochre and rich olive, balanced by an extensive neutral palette spanning white through to black.

Element has been carefully crafted to evoke a sense of warmth, movement and comfort at the window and frames an exquisite canvas on which landscape views can be appreciated as artwork within a space.

Single layer is a light filtering curtain Fabric, offering neutral, light, airy feeling. 

Fabric weight 916.4g/m


Made with professional grade fabric, these curtains are durable, ready to hang with our Box Pleat header, this can be changed on request if you are after a different style.

Curtain. Sold individually 

Inverted or Box pleat header,

Fabric: Oeko-Tex Certified, 55% Acrylic (Polyacrylic), 35% Polyester, 15% Wool

Colours: Olive, Terracotta, Storm, Silver Birch, Salt, Onyx, Ochre, Natural, Mineral, Ink, Forged, Charcoal, Cement, Bone, Blush

Create a relaxed vibe with these soft curtains, Great for living rooms or creating atmosphere in a bedroom. They can be used on any curtain track

Made to order in New Zealand, please allow 10-16 days extra for dispatch  

For extra width simply add more curtains. 
We can sew them together, or Shorten them. Please contact us with your sizing requirments.

Sizes: Curtain Length is 260cm 
X Width
100cm x 260cm
120cm x 260cm
150cm x 260cm
180cm x 260cm
200cm x 260cm
220cm x 260cm

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