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Heavy Textured Linen Curtains

Heavy Textured Linen Curtains

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Discover the epitome of tranquility with our collection of heavy raw ready-made curtains. Crafted to perfection, these curtains boast a dry and textured heavy Linen finish that exudes an earthy charm, perfect for those seeking a natural and relaxed aesthetic in their living space. With their flowing characteristics, they effortlessly promote a sense of calm, enveloping your home in a serene ambiance. Elevate your décor with these curtains, where simplicity meets sophistication, and create a space that radiates peace and harmony.

Single layer is a light filtering curtain Fabric, offering complete privacy.

Made with professional grade fabric, these curtains are durable, ready to hang with our Box pleat header, this can be changed on request if you are after a different style.

Linen Curtain. Sold individually 

Fabric: Oeko-Tex Certified,  71% Cotton 18% Linen 11% Viscose:

449gsm Weight

Colours: Ash, Cactus, Chai, Denim,Graphite, kale, Linen, Linseed, Mink, vanilla & Vapour 

Other Colours Available on request* Clay, Rosewater

Create a relaxed vibe with these soft curtains, Great for living rooms or creating atmosphere in a bedroom. They can be used on any curtain rod

Made to order in New Zealand, please allow 7-10 days extra for dispatch  

For extra width simply add more curtains. 
We can sew them together, or Shorten them. Please contact us with your sizing requirments.

We can add 4 phase, blackout thermal lining attached to the back if you live in a cold home and require a thermal lining.

Sizes: Finished, Ready to hang size;

1m width

100cm x 220cm  |   100cm x 230cm  |  100cm x 240cm


1.5m width

150cm x 220cm  |   150cm x 230cm  | 150cm x 240cm


2m width

200cm x 220cm  |   200cm x 230cm  |  200cm x 240cm

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