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Linen Bedspread | White

Linen Bedspread | White

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This white linen bedspread is the perfect solution for creating a cozy winter retreat. Expertly crafted from high quality linen, this bedspread provides luxurious comfort and a timeless style to your bedroom. You'll enjoy the warmth and durability of the quilted bed cover and bedspread, ideal for indoor temperatures. Make your bedroom oasis complete with this beautiful linen bed cover.

Made from 100% Pure Pre-washed Linen, 160 gsm.

With a cotton back and poly filling. 

Linen Comforter \ Bedspread with a pair of matching pillowcases

Colour: Pure White

Step into unparalleled comfort and style with our Linen Comforter/Bedspread—a testament to luxurious living and exquisite craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the pure bliss of 100% Pure Pre-washed Linen, meticulously tailored with delicate quilting details that speak volumes of elegance.

Picture yourself enveloped in the natural embrace of pure Linen, cocooned by a cozy poly filling and a plain cotton reverse. It's not just bedding; it's an experience—a symphony of comfort and sophistication.

Let the Natural/Oatmeal hues transport you to a realm of timeless elegance, where every thread whispers tales of refinement and tranquility. Embrace its versatility as it effortlessly layers up to provide warmth in winter or stands alone as a lightweight cover during summer's embrace.

With each touch, feel the essence of luxury woven into every fiber of our Linen Comforter/Bedspread. Made from 100% Pure Pre-washed Linen, 160 gsm—it's more than just bedding; it's a sanctuary of comfort, waiting to embrace you with open arms.

Made from a natural pure Linen front, with a cozy poly filling and a plain cotton reverse.


Sizes available. 

King Single: 220cm x 260cm + Pillowcases
Queen : 265cm × 260cm  + 2 Pillowcases
King : 285cm × 270cm + 2 Pillowcases 
Super King : 315cm × 270cm + 2 Pillowcases  
Cali King: 350cm x 270cm + 2 Pillowcases

Made in China in a “carbon neutral” factory. 

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