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Sheepskin Rug Charcoal – 100% New Zealand wool

Sheepskin Rug Charcoal – 100% New Zealand wool

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Introducing our exquisite 100% New Zealand wool sheepskin rugs, the epitome of luxury and comfort for your home. Crafted from premium quality New Zealand wool, these Sheepskin rugs are available in two stunning colours to suit any interior aesthetic. Whether you're looking to add a touch of warmth to your living room, bedroom or Nursery our sheepskin rugs are the perfect choice.

Featuring long wool fleece, these sheepskins boast a sumptuously soft texture that invites you to sink your toes into pure indulgence. Not only do they provide unparalleled comfort, but they also add a layer of visual interest with their beautifully textured surface.

Wool 50mm+
Double Size:  60cm x 170cm
Single Size 60cm x 90cm


Our sheepskin rugs offer versatility to fit various areas of your home, from cozy corners to expansive living spaces. Whether draped over a chair, layered on the floor, or used as a luxurious accent piece, these rugs effortlessly elevate any room's ambiance.

Experience the unparalleled luxury and timeless elegance of New Zealand wool with our sheepskin rugs. Transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and style with these exquisite additions.

100% New Zealand wool sheepskin rugs are available in a range of colours and in two sizes.

The long wool fleece on our sheepskins will add a luxurious layer of textured interest to your home.

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