Space Crush: What is it about this Space?

Space Crush: What is it about this Space?

 I’m going to level with you, give me a space with white walls & wooden floors & it may just be enough to say I do. What seems to be a clean & simple design to an untrained eye actually has a more thought out process of design. Using the fundamental elements of design as a sort of health & safety check to a design of a space ensures designers are maximising the potential of the space. Some elements are more prominent in a space than others, dependent on the space itself, as well as personal preference. 

So, what is it about this space then that makes it so darn good?



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 So I hope that this journey around this crisp space has left you lovin' this space to the next level. Always remember when creating a space, you need to talk yourself through the principals & elements of design when you are in the space. What boxes are you wanting to tick?

Until the next space crushing session lovebirds





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