Hand Block Printed Designs

Hand Block Printed Designs

A look at the many hands and faces behind out products.
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Unregulated textile production in the developing world is an ugly issue, and we couldn't believe more strongly in the importance of knowing who made your textile goods. We work with small networks of artisan groups that are involved in every aspect of textile production, from weaving to dying to printing and sewing. Ensuring that our artisans are valued and paid a fair wage for their work allows them to achieve financial stability and to access better healthcare and education for their children. It also allows them to make a living practicing an ancient craft, which ensures that their cultural textile traditions will be preserved well into the future

Hand Printing

I love that we can support individuals and their family's

Each artisan has played a part in hand finishing each piece, and the sheer coordination required to produce the collections. The cotton is procured from one place, dyed at another, printed at another and the finishing touches, washing and sewing happen at another before being shipped out to us


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