Bondi Wash Bench Sprays kill 99.99% of Germs!

While our bench sprays might smell like a perfume, they are all independent lab tested to prove they kill 99.99% of germs.  What does this mean?  The independent lab tests how the sprays perform against 2 very nasty germs – ecoli and staph – germs you most definitely don’t want in your home.  And our sprays passed with flying colours.  Most (if not all) products with anti-bacterial claims contain toxic chemicals to achieve their claims.  These chemicals have bad side effects. For example triclosan has been linked to disrupted hormonal development and an increase in allergies – and is found in waterways killing aquatic life as it never biodegrades.  That’s why antibacterial products have been getting some bad press recently. Our products work because of the natural Australian bush oils – they are gentle to you, your home and the environment, yet so effectively remove the germs we don’t want.

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