Bed Linen NZ

Bed Linen NZ

We are your number one online destination for all things linen. Here at The Foxes Den we want to provide you with the most luxurious living experience possible. This means providing you with the most lavish NZ homewares, comfortable linen clothing and pure European Linen bedding. 

Our Linen is all sourced ethically and sustainably from Europe and all products are made in either Europe or right here in NZ by our skilled tailors.  

Our Linen bedding NZ range from linen duvet cover sets, to linen sheet sets and linen pillowcases. Linen is the epitome of luxury and we want you to experience luxury every night when you lye down amongst your lush linen sheets.

Linen clothing is our way of providing you the physical luxury of having linen on your skin, all day every day! The linen fabric falls off your body in the most becoming way, allowing anyone to look amazing wearing it. Weather its a linen dress, linen coat, linen top or linen pants, we have it all!

Our luxury NZ homewares are our way of helping you create your dream living space. We have an experienced interior design team and we only bring in the highest quality homewares, that we our selves would have in our homes. Many are sourced from local NZ suppliers, as we love to support our amazing little country. 

Shop Online at The Foxes Den - Natural Homewares, NZ luxury Homewares, Pure European Bed Linen, Bed linen NZ, Linen Clothing NZ, Luxury Clothing. 

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