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Dark colours!

Posted on 22 August 2020

They can be quite scary, daring to go dark is quite a big decision. It's hard to picture what it will look like and how dark to go. Painting walls, buying dark bedding or furniture is always quite a big choice. 
Going dark is not something that we should be afraid of doing. We wouldn't think twice about painting your walls white, but when painting them forest green or dark navy, it becomes one of the scariest decisions that of our lives.
Recently dark has been in, heavy, teal, maroon, black and even brown. All these big, bold colours are being brought back in, and people are using them to create a moody, dark and mysterious room. 
incorporating these dark colours into your house will give it a warm, moody vibe😍. Dark walls also allow other colours to stand out. A dark colour allows similar colours to pop, in a subdued way. 
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