Forest Green

Forest Green

Forest green the new luxurious colour of 2020. This winter, forest green and many other dark and mysterious tones have been used in interior design. However, forest green remains one of my all-time favorites, and I will never get sick of it.  
Today I bring you a few tips on how to incorporate this soothing colour into your home. 
1. All things velvet 
It is irresistible, so silky and smooth. It looks incredible in bedding, cushions, and seats. I love these forest green velvet couches, they are the artistic centerpiece and will completely change the room. 
2. Green greenery 
I love plants, whether they are fake, real, or dried. I love sticking big leafy greens in places where I just don't know what else to do. Plants and flowers work in every room, no matter what style you're into. The key to adding plants into your home is not to go overboard. Remembering that open space makes your home look classy and luxurious. 
3. These four green walls
Green walls, there is something so comforting and soothing about green walls. They deliver a dark, mysterious vibe as well as making you feel safe and warm. On top of that, they are extravagantly classy and smart. 

4. Sleeping in the most elegant colour. 
This exotic colour even feels luxurious to sleep in. Forest green bedding makes your bedroom look as if its come straight off Pinterest, I know our forest green linen bedding does. As soon as its put on a bed, its luxurious look changes the room entirely.

5. Decor and more
Last but not least, it's these amazing cabinets. These beautiful sets of forest green draws would be a game-changer in any room. They are so smart and would transport an average room into an amazing one.
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