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Hot Summer Nights

Posted on 17 November 2020

Ahh summer, i don't know about you but its my favorite time of the year. I love spending days at the beach with the family, drinking in all that vitamin d. Every morning waking up to the sun streaming in your windows. BBQs that go late into the warm evenings. 
However along with summer comes hot, sweaty nights, tossing and turning and throwing the bed  covers off. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep after a long day. 
But don't worry, there is a solution... Our European bed linen is perfect for ensuring you keep cool at night. The large fibers of witch linen is weaved out of, allow maximum air circulation.  Linen reduces sweat and also wont leave you with those yucky yellow sweat marks. Linen clothes are also a great way for you to keep cool, they fabric naturally billows away from from body, meaning it doesn't stick to you like cotton. 
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