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How does linen keep you cool and sweat free?

Posted on 19 January 2021

Recently I have been struggling with sleeping, waking up at strange hours and tossing and turning all night. It got me thinking how I used to have this problem all the time. Back when I was sleeping in sticky, slippery cotton I remember I use to wake up countless times during the night. The middle of summer had to be the worst time, I would wake up hot and dripping with sweat. 
As I have said before I used to always struggle with sleep but ever since linen was introduced into my life, I've had much better luck with my sleep routine. 
if you, your partner or even your children struggle with waking up in a sweaty mess during those hot sticky summer nights, trust me linen sheets are what you need. Sick of trying to wash out the yellow sweat marks from pillow cases and sheets? Because of linens natural flax fibers and the way they have been carefully weaved together, it allows the fabric to...
1. Absorb a lot of moisture. The natural flax fibers help to suck up any moisture, hence the reason sweating is non existent in linen.
2. The weave of the fibers allows air to pass through, cooling your body down as you sleep, thus keeping you relaxed throughout the night.
This doesn't just apply to linen bedding, it also includes clothes. Linen on the skin in any form is going to keep you feeling relaxed, cool and comfortable. 
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