How to Create an Effortlessly Stylish and Functional Kitchen

How to Create an Effortlessly Stylish and Functional Kitchen

How to Create an Effortlessly Stylish and Functional Kitchen

Redesigning your kitchen can be among one of the more daunting home renovation tasks, but it is also likely to be one of the most rewarding upon completion. After all, you use your kitchen as much as your bedroom, perhaps even more if you’re an amateur chef! Because the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, redesigning it requires some serious forethought. Creating a beautiful and customised space doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, provided that you keep a few key things in mind.


Firstly, kitchen design trends come and go, so don’t focus only on what’s in style at the moment – always work with your own personal style to ensure a sense of lasting satisfaction. Also, while trends like matt-black kitchen mixers may work wonders withing the covers of Urbis, these fly-by-night trends can often appear decidedly retro within a few years.


Kitchen Layout


Before you even get into which appliances you desire or what colour paint would match the rest of your house, outline how you’d like your kitchen to be laid out. Although it might be tempting to focus on modern gadgets over functionality, a stylish kitchen is only going to exasperate you if it’s not easy to use. Try to adhere to the golden rule of a kitchen work triangle, which highlights the importance of having the refrigerator, sink, and stove relatively close to one another, forming the shape of a triangle. While this may seem unimportant, it allows for efficient use of your kitchen and no unnecessary steps to reach one appliance. Planning your layout before considering anything else will help your subsequent plans, as you will already know what you do and do not have room for.


Planning for Storage


Another golden rule in designing a kitchen is to remember that you can never have enough space to store utensils and appliances; the last thing you need when finally stocking your new kitchen is to realise you’re out of storage space. Simple touches can help to add style to what might otherwise serve only a functional purpose. For example, you can’t go wrong with plenty of drawers of varying depths, and luckily they are easily used as a stylish feature – you may choose the type of drawers and handles you prefer to use, and these can add effortless style to your kitchen, alongside the obvious functional benefit. Some items, of course, will help to create style in a kitchen, so should not be relegated to the darkest depths of your storage space! Consider other forms of storage, such as open shelves and spice racks to display the kitchen ingredients that you wouldn’t mind showing visitors.

 Kitchen Lighting


Choose lighting that will create a relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen, but also allow you to see exactly what you’re doing. Natural lighting adds much more style than glaring lights and helps to create exactly the kind of ambience you’re likely to desire when entertaining or preparing a meal for guests. Dimming lights are an easy solution to worries about different lighting needs in different seasons and times of day, and nowadays there is an abundance of choice in lamps and kitchen lights, so it is easy to add a personal touch to your lighting.


Knowing how to create an effortlessly stylish and functional kitchen is less difficult than it may appear at first, especially if you’re open to doing your own research online, but don’t be hesitant to ask the professionals for advice. They are likely to have had a vast array of experience in kitchens just like yours, and will help you to design a kitchen that meets your requirements for style as well as functionality!


Written by Sofia Lockett for The Foxes Den

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