Introducing Our New Range: BLAAX

Introducing Our New Range: BLAAX

Introducing Our New Range: BLAAX 
Here at The Foxes Den, we are very excited to welcome a new brand of timeless watches BLAAX to our store!

BLAAX is all about creating styles that scream “time and elegance” with minimalist designs that are easy to wear to the office and on the weekend with a great pair of jeans.
The uniqueness of these designer watches is that they are made for all styles, tastes and occasions. With their simple and contemporary fashion, they add life to the most formal outfits and easily accentuate the simplest of streetwear.

Our aim is to allow men and women to wear the highest quality of watches and accessories, whilst offering all customers the ability to show off their personalities through their own unique style.

A style that defines minimalism, elegance and simplicity with our nature and promise for high quality yet affordable products.
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