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Linen Clothing

Posted on 29 March 2022

Our linen clothing isn't just about how it looks, its not just about the way it suits all shapes and sizes because of its natural tendency to fall off ones body and crinkle in all the right places.

In fact there's much more to it... Despite all's its beauty and class, its about how linen clothing makes you feel. 

Linen is Luxury. In its most sophisticated form, woven with love and washed with the upmost care. Softening after each wash and wear, with the ability to feel increasing amazing on your skin overtime. 

Its that amazing feeling when you get into your linen sheets at night and wrap yourself up in your linen duvet.

We want you to feel the luxury of having linen fibers on your skin all day everyday. Its all natural linen fibers, with no nasty chemicals or sprays. 

Linen Clothing nz - European linen clothing - luxury clothing 

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