Linen Curtains | Made in NZ

Linen Curtains | Made in NZ

For a start these are not just curtains. Our 100% linen curtains are made here in NZ by our local sewing team, based in Christchurch, NZ. 
Our Linen curtains made in NZ, can be customized specifically to your home, your needs and your desires. 

Weather that is, full length, double tracked, a basic tie top, a classy pencil pleat or a quote for a full curtain house fit out, we have your covered. 
We can provide everything from the tracks, to any type of fabric you want, in any colour and have have the measuring done up for you. All completed with a quote, once signed and sealer your 100% linen custom made curtains, will be sewn up buy our experienced team and sent right to your door. 
Not a fan of manual labor or maybe your just don't have the time? No worries... we can have them installed for you! Yes we had friends in high places and all around NZ.
At The Foxes Den our mission is to create you one of a kind pieces that you absolutely love and make the process as easy as possible. 

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