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New French Flax Linen..

Posted on 11 April 2019

If you follow us on social media you would know I've been having a discussion with you all lately as to the range of Linen available here in NZ..
How its made.. where its made and the origin of the flax.
Many of you feel that true European Linen is simply too far out of your price range.
One follower said "Doesn't mean I don't appreciate quality though. Could you not offer both the premium and the lesser products?"
So I've decided to do both! The Foxes Den will continue to supply Quality Linens and Home textiles from companies, I know and trust. Some of these will be from Asia or India but ones I have put a huge amount of time and research into. This way I can offer a quality product at a better price.
The most important thing for me in selecting any overseas supplier is How is the product made? and in what conditions.. by purchasing this product am I helping and supporting someone? We do stock a Linen made in China, But it is a new Zealand company with a factory in Hong Kong, they ensure fair working conditions.

I have also opened a new online store -
This is solely dedicated to Pure European Linen - The whole process from the growing, spinning, weaving, sewing and packing is all done in Europe.
By doing this I can guarantee you will be receiving a premium quality product with no nasty Chemicals and it has been made in a safe, healthy environment with proper working conditions.

If you are interested in our premium range.. please head over to this link to sign up for new products & a chance to WIN $100 to spend online!

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